Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the silent killer (and i don't mean your brother's farts)

a very important article you need to read if you are a woman, love a woman, or plan on becoming a woman...

Women Are Said to Face Hidden Heart Disease Risk

there is quite a lot of a duh factor in this article. it's been reported for years, but i think most of America is still not aware that heart disease is the "No. 1 cause of death in all women older than 25," not breast cancer. more money is raised for breast cancer research thanks to the boob factor and ubercute pink breast cancer awareness paraphanelia, but it is not as deadly.

read the article. know the symptoms. get the tests if you're at risk.

The researchers report that compared to a nonsmoker, a woman who smokes has a risk of dying from heart disease equal to the risk she would have if she weighed 90 pounds more than the nonsmoker.


so in a sense, kate moss and i weigh about the same.

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