Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the (gay) nose knows.

lately, i've been thinking about changing my fragrance. i've been wearing Sud Pacifique's Vanille Coco for over a year, but in honor of spring (if it ever gets here), i was looking to lighten up a bit, try something a little more fleuriste, a little less p√Ętissier. i don't know that i want to smell like a vanilla sugar cookie with chocolate icing for the rest of my life. i went to Sephora, i tested, i tried, i borrowed friends' noses, i narrowed it down...

i still wasn't sure though. i do like Vanille Coco, and i get lots of compliments on it (mostly from straight men who have i-still-want-my-mommy-to-bake-me-cookies issues, but whatever).

the other day, while i was still wearing V.C., a drunk gay man told me i smelled like a vanilla-scented candle from Pottery Barn.

that clinched it.

i'm now wearing this.

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