Monday, April 23, 2007

it was really awkward.

waiting on a table of four from Pennsylvania this past sunday afternoon at the pub.

"can i get you guys anything else?"

"are you an actress?" one of them asks. the one in the tangerine-colored polo shirt who keeps smiling at me whenever i walk past, as if he recognizes me.*

"i am," i sheepishly admit. "among other things."

"i knew it!" one of them exclaimed. "doesn't she look like a model?"

absolutely NO RESPONSE from the others at the table. just blank stares. apparently, they didn't agree. ha.

"um...uh," i stutter because one must say something in such situations to fill the blushing silence. "am i supposed to tip you now?"

*and gay, i should note, but don't they always have the best taste?

1 comment:

Lavonne said...

You should have recreated your scene from the MTV commercial you did a while back. haha.