Monday, April 09, 2007

pardon, it's the nyquil talking.

oh, heavens. i am so sick. it's really just a bad cold, but i really don't get sick that often, so when i do, it feels like "so sick," even if it's just "under the weather" for some folks. little phlegmatic elfin creatures have latched themselves onto my lungs and are holding on for dear life. i'm doing my best to drown them in ginger ale and tea, but they're tough little suckers.

when you lay in bed with nothing to do, you start to obsess about very stupid things...

case in point:

i've been shot in the chest. not really, but that's what it looks like. i have an ENORMOUS ZIT right in between my breasts. funny to me, because just as i'm getting more comfortable sharing my decolletage with the rest of the world, a garagantuan redhead troll takes up residence there. of course, i also tried to pop it before it was ready, so it's now mostly likely infected, and it will now live there for the entire summer, thwarting any of my attempts to wear low-cut tops, attract a suitor who i will fall madly in love with, marry, and will slow dance with every evening to the din of the dishwasher as our three pink-faced daughters - isa, plum, and adele - sleep in their beds overhead.

life is so unfair.

i'm going back to bed.

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