Tuesday, April 10, 2007

show me the curves.

"Everything that's happened to me in the last year
has only made me feel more like a normal person...but in the most beautiful way."

America Ferrara, one of television's curvier if not outright curvy actresses (she's only a size 6, for heaven's sake) dons the cover of May's W magazine. notable, of course, because this mag is notorious for slapping the skinniest and the scariest on it's cover and all throughout.

so, hurrah for America, but i can't help but notice that i don't see many curves in this picture (excepting that hint of a breast we see in the lower right hand corner). if you're familiar with W, you'd know that they usually show more of the cover celeb's body - at least from the hips up. what we've got here is essentially a headshot that conceals her lauded curves instead of celebrating them.

so yay for A, but a little bit of boo on W too.

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Anonymous said...

A size six, really? I still carry the image in my head of her in Real Women Have Curves. I know she's smaller these days, but having not paid much attention to tv/entertainment/fashion/etc. for a while, I don't have a sense for how much.