Wednesday, February 07, 2007

i am now a magical fiery bitch.

it's not quite this red, but i thought the pic was so beautiful i couldn't resist

i dyed my hair last friday. after 6 or 7 years of being a "blonde," i am now a reddish brunette. i like it. i really do. i thought i would look into the mirror and start crying because i wouldn't recognize the woman staring back at me, but i actually like my darker, fiery reflection. i can see the green in my hazel eyes now, and my cheeks have grown roses. my friend c says i look "Jane Austenien."

i'll take that as a compliment, thanks.

i needed a change. i've been experiencing some internal shifts as of late, so it seemed right to commemorate those shifts with a slight change in my external appearance as well. it's healthier for my hair, my pocketbook and my psyche. i began to identify way too much with my tousled blonde locks, and i don't like that. hair, like all body parts, is impermanent. so, i guess dying my hair was a little exercise in detachment:

could i still be "me" without the blonde hair?

well, of course i can the answer is, but nothing prepared me for some of the comments i got from co-workers, particularly this one:

"but you were my magical fairy princess!"

"and i can't be your magical fairy princess now that i'm a brunette?"


wow. i've been de-throned. i guess i am now the auburn-haired wicked stepsister who reeks of Gorgonzola cheese and wears granny panties. ah's a good thing i own my own wings.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you can't fake the 'tude.

I enjoy your blog.


Mary Star of the Sea said...

I just found your blog and wanted to tell you that you are the first person who I relate to. I love you.