Friday, February 09, 2007


standing in line at the drugstore today, i saw this on the cover of US Weekly.

Better after breakup! How newly single stars get slim and sexy fast

Reese, they tell us, is two sizes smaller apres Ryan, Drew has lost 20 pounds, and Kate Hudson has lost 10. these women were already quite thin before their breakups so it's fascinating to me that their weight loss is considered a good thing and assumed to be intentional, the result of some sort of "I Will Survive/Irreplaceable/Since You've Been Gone" exercise and weight loss program.

they are thinner, therefore they must be doing better!

there doesn't seem to be any room for the idea that their weight loss is the result of something far more serious and sad - distress over the end of what they thought would be a lifelong, committed relationship.

sure does piss me off that when most people see women who have lost weight, the assumption is that they must be doing more fabulous. yes yes yes, that can sometimes be the case (and hurrah! i champion those women), but sudden, dramatic weight loss can and should also elicit concern from loved ones. weight loss can be a medical symptom of a serious problem (depression, anxiety, etc.) regardless of one's size beforehand.

instead of:

you look great!

how about:

you look great! how do you feel?

just because their ass looks better in their jeans, doesn't mean their heads and hearts are in the right place.

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