Wednesday, July 26, 2006

a little bathroom reading, part 2

in an email from my friend La this morning: her take on the WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? assignment:
My dad's visiting. This morning he asks, what's the message on the mirror? It's to remind me to take action. And he nodded. He knows.

the above is all tricked out with Photoshop Elements, the below is as seen upon entering her powder room.


and now, a word from our sponsors...

sort of unrelated, but no less inspired...the music of Matt Shulman. just discovered him yesterday thanks to my publicist, Laurie Sheppard over at BOOM PR. they (you know, those very important people They) say "he's like Miles Davis meets Radiohead" or a "Chet Baker for the 21st century." his rendition of "My Funny Valentine" makes my eyelashes flutter and my pinkies dance. you can get a sample of it on his website. he has a gig coming up this Saturday at the Rockwood Music Hall (a quaint little joint where Nora Jones is known to frequent) and on August 7 at The Jazz know, where all of They hang out. check it out. your pinkies need the workout.

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