Monday, July 24, 2006

a little bathroom reading...

there will be no formal invitation sent.

had my weekly phone chat with kindred spirit La today. when we hang up, i look at my phone, the hours flash, and i'm shocked. surely that was just a 15 minute conversation! no, my dear, try 1:37 hours. let me tell you, it's more fun and far cheaper than therapy.

we both have problems taking "life by the balls" as it were. we both agree that we've gotten better in the recent past - i've take some swan dives off of the high dive into the Vulnerability Pool over the past few months (for the record, there's always water there. it's not always warm, mind you, but there is always water, and frequently dear friends to clap when you emerge from the water glistening and shocked you've survived), and she has fully recovered from a physically and emotionally crippling back problem in the past couple of years. she is now a charmingly prudish assistant librarian who takes test drives in navy blue Saab convertibles for the hey-na of it. i (heart) her.

but hey, we do still have our issues, and hey, we sometimes like to forget we still have our issues. we could both stand to take more risks. we could both get a little more comfortable with grabbing life by the 'nads. so, in an effort to remind ourselves that life, indeed, is short, we agreed to get crafty with a little watercolor and slap the following question onto our bathroom mirrors (the above is mine):


we agreed that asking this question can inform so many decisions and choices you make throughout the day. unlike the tired old maxim LIFE IS SHORT (yeah, and?), this one demands an answer, therefore you actually have to think, and that might lead you to making a different (read: scarier) choice. you might decide to draft your resume for that dream job, ask for a raise, wear the silky red lace underwear even if you aren't properly trimmed, make that phone call to your estranged relative, confess a crush (and not vomit), dance around your apartment nude to Ms. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee at 2 am, or just try a different flavored Dunkin Donuts iced coffee tomorrow morning.

so, i'll let you know how this informs my daily decisions. maybe i'll sprinkle on a little MAC eye glitter and slip into a pair of cute shoes. maybe i'll skip a few steps to work. maybe i'll begin to smile at the cute ones that smile at me. maybe i'll call my estranged relative in an attempt to break The Wall. maybe...oh, the possibilities are endless! and isn't that exciting? scary. yes. but what's the option? regret? no, thank you. i've had more than my fair share, and it's not an acquired taste...ever.

life is short, people, but size doesn't matter. it's what you do with it.

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