Tuesday, July 25, 2006

overheard in the office today

"in Cuba, there are five words for a woman like that:

aye aye aye aye ayeeeeeee."

not about me, i should note, but it shoulda been, dammit. no no no. a co-worker was expressing his er...affection for Thandie Newton, one of the many stars of the movie Crash after i had expressed my er...affection for Terrence Howard, also a member of the Crash ensemble cast, but the movie that single-handledly turned me into an almost-stalker of this mocha-dreamboat was Hustle & Flow. i watched it this weekend, and immediately set about thinking how i could marry him and have his babies. i highly doubt he dates weeny white women like myself, but a girl can dream...

oh, dear me. a girl's prospects are mighty slim when she finds herself falling for a pimp who uses a curling iron.

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