Thursday, July 27, 2006

the scarlet letter

my dear friend A, an old 3rd and 4th grade school chum from Natchitoches, Louisiana, has been a wee bit sicky as of late. it borders on serious stuff, and i worry about this auburn-haired beauty who has the most generous spirit of anyone i have ever met. perhaps, if i am lucky, i will grow up to be like her someday. (highly doubtful. i grew up fighting two older brothers for the front seat; i will never be completely generous in spirit.)

she sent me a box of French orange-essence chocolates called "Madamoiselle de Margaux" in the mail a week or so ago just for the heck of it. (funny how those trinkets always arrive at juuuust at the right time, isn't it? when you are certain everyone has forgotten your name, much less your address and passion for sweets.) she sends me boxes brimming with goodies that make me sparkle and my house smell clean. she leaves precious musings in my myspace message box that make me teary and long for our childhood of climbing gingko trees, playing in the clover patch behind her house, suckin' on Icees from the corner store.

people like A make me like myself more...

well, surely, the thought must go, if she thinks i'm deserving of this here chocolate/eye glitter/love, then surely i must be. she's no dummy.

i had a related conversation with a good friend the other night. now, this fella is a wonderful human bean, but doesn't always think so. there is no number of inspiring quotes or amusing e-cards that can convince him of his wonderful-ness. i've tried. nada. he did recognize that he's blessed with a number of wonderful friends and family, to which i replied with more than a little frustration:

don't you know that that says something about you? assholes do not attract good people.

i don't know that he got it, but i did. my friends are fabulous; so must i be! (if only a fraction on some days).

Winston Churchill said it far more eloquently than i:

Show me who admires and loves you and I'll show you who you are.

if these photos are any indication, i'm quite a glamorous hottie...even when i'm sick.

all photographs of A by A.

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