Thursday, July 27, 2006

surfing...and i don't mean the web.

they have their version...

i'm taking off tonight for Narragansett, Rhode Island with my friend c. we're taking surfing lessons tomorrow! we've been planning this since the spring, but it's just now occurring to me that 1. i will have to wear a swimsuit 2. i could get bashed in the head by a surfboard and drown and/or 3. one of my limbs could get chomped off by a shark (well now, wouldn't that present a whole new set of body image issues?)

but let's focus on the positive!

this is one of my many attempts to find exercise and movement that brings about a sense of joy as opposed to a sense of self-inflicted punishment. i'm not sure how much joy i'll be feeling as i am now imagining lots of water of up the nose, wedgied swim trunks and sunburn, but what the hey. gotta give it a shot. my nasal passages could use a good cleanse, there's nothing quite like a sudden wedgie to make you PAY ATTENTION and the sunshine generously sprinkles my face with freckles which, if i don't say so myself, is kinda cute.

hang ten!

and we have ours.

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