Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the baby is going on tour.

some of you sugarplums have been sweet enough to ask what the hey-na is going on with my one-woman show size ate.


here's the deal. because it would take me just as much time and money as it did last time for me to mount the show in NYC, and because i have even less of both this go 'round, i've decided to postpone the performance in order to focus on booking performances at high schools and colleges for the fall of '07.


i was totally psyched about doing the show again, so eager to perform after having been away for so long, but...i thought and i thought and i thought, and ya know? it's time to move the show onward and upward towards the actual goal - taking it on tour so i can get it seen by as many girls and women as possible. if i had the resources to do both full-tilt, i would, but no piles of money have fallen on my head just yet allowing me to quit my job and fund both extravagantly (and if i can put in a request that that pile of money not fall on my head, but just to the right of me, thanks).

it's about the message, not about the performance.

so...that means doing loads and loads of really un-fun things like creating Excel spreadsheet call lists, re-writing the press kit, updating the website, searching for a stage manager, cold-calling schools, deciding whether or not to incorporate or become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, getting insurance, getting quotes from balloon companies for nine inflatable body forms...it's all a big ol' learning experience.

eh. i'd rather be acting.

but, as my friend t said, "you gotta feed the baby."

so, i will, because i want her to grow up big and beautiful and strong, and i'm pretty confident that she'll do just that. problem is - you know it's coming but you can't avoid it - when you feed the baby, it's inevitable that she's going to throw up all over you at some point, probably more than once, and you still have to love her because she's your heart and soul and because it's all your fault anyway - you created the little excrement machine.

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pickle said...

did you videotape the show or parts of it - maybe its something someone would do an education grant for to help you perform in many schools. don't know anything about that but curious. or if you have a cost-per-show, finding orgs in local communities who sponsor it b/c they want gals to see it in schools for their locations. again, no nothing - just thinking aloud.