Saturday, March 03, 2007

oh happy day.

air out your skivvies...literally or figuratively or both.

alright...enough depressing, angry posts about a culture that perpetuates an unhealthy weight for women.

today, spring flirts with us. we can see her pink, tulle petticoat peeking out from beneath winter's heavy coat. everyone is in a better mood for it including my friend penny at the bagel shop who knows my name and how i like my bagel and my coffee.

i am wearing a yellow t-shirt with puffed sleeves and sucking on a chocolate non pareil. the miniscule white spheres stick to the roof my mouth, but i like it.

i have found a new favorite song that makes me wiggle my booty whether it's in a chair or not (No Bad News by Patty Griffin).

life is good.

and i've found a lovely poem by the sufi mystic poet Hafiz. when i put a book of his poetry down, a residue of ecstasy and light remains on my fingertips. sort of smells like tangerines.

We Have Not Come To Take Prisoners

We have not come to take prisoners,
But to surrender ever more deeply

To freedom and joy.

We have not come into this exquisite world

To hold ourselves hostage from love.

Run my dear,

From anything

That may not strengthen

Your precious budding wings.

Run like hell my dear,

From anyone likely

To put a sharp knife

Into the sacred, tender vision

Of your beautiful heart.

We have a duty to befriend

Those aspects of obedience

That stand outside of our house

And shout to our reason

"O please, O please,
Come out and play."

For we have not come here to take prisoners

Or to confine our wondrous spirits,

But to experience every and ever more deeply

Our divine courage, freedom, and Light!

so go out and PLAY!!!

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