Sunday, March 25, 2007

a sugar-fairy godmother would be nice.

i am sooooooo tired.

financing a dream is exhausting. two waitressing shifts this weekend, a full work week to look forward to, and i never want to see my Guinness-soaked, black Dansko clogs again.

this is when a girl starts contemplating the possibility of landing herself a sugar daddy. i don't want to marry him, but if i could just date him for a few months, until i got my finances in order, that'd be fab.

eh...i know i'm not the type. this trophy talks too much, and this C-cup girl needs support with her spaghetti strap camisoles, ifyouknowhatimean.

but, it's nights like tonight when i really wish the whole Cinderella story weren't a load of balderdash.

do they make glass slippers with orthotics?

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