Monday, March 19, 2007

good eggs.

i received an email from the shipping department at work on friday -

Subject: You've received a Fedex or Messenger Package

i was busy on friday, and i assumed it was something lame that could wait until today - a press kit, a glossy brochure - something that took 40 trees to produce and would immediately end up in my trash can after a quick flip and a sigh.

today, i came in after a very looooong weekend of slingin' drinks, and was not in the bestest of moods. i stopped by the shipping department to pick up my package...

it was a plain manila envelope addressed to me.


it was lumpy and rattly and certainly suspect.


curiosity got the best of me. i opened it anyway. it wasn't anything lame and glossy and environmentally incorrect at all...

inside, i found two one-pound bags of Whoppers Robin Eggs and a sweet note from a friend. touched. sooo touched. in an email about a week ago, he'd asked me what i was up to...i mentioned that i was doing pretty great, getting the show together, on an upswing after a few bumpy months, and eating lots of easter egg chocolate malted milk balls. the crunch, it would seem, helps me cope.

and then, this.

isn't it nice to be heard?

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