Saturday, March 10, 2007


for every girl who's ever been without, and for every guy who's had to dash to the drugstore for the girlfriend who's been without -

go here now and donate. for every "virtual donation," Seventh Generation donates one box of organic cotton tampons or chlorine-free pads to a homeless shelter in the state of your choice. one box of fem-hyg products can set a gal back a pretty penny, and it's frequently overlooked as a necessary supply in homeless shelters (i occasionally volunteer at a shelter in the city, and the supplies are paltry if existent at all).

now, i have to say (and i admit, this is rather self-absorbed of me, but...), i wish they'd handed these products out free in my junior high school. i know, i know...i was far from being a homeless person, but it sure would have been easier than trying to get up the nerve to request them from my freaked-out father - a recent widower who would have prefered to continue to operate under the notion that his 12-year old daughter did not, nor ever would have, breasts, ovaries, a uterus or a vagina.

anyway...check it out. it's an excellent website dedicated to all things menstrual including a growing list of euphemisms and a collection of personal musings.

my question is - are they donating ibuprofen and chocolate as well? and when are they going to start selling that as a pre-packaged deal?

and fyi: if you ever happen to be in France and ask for a box of tampons, do not be surprised if you are presented with a lovely set of rubber stamps suitable for creating adorable shower invitations and holiday cards.

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