Saturday, March 29, 2008

facebook + size ate on the road.

The Cute made a size ate version of his famous cappuccino this morning. Contains no artificial sweeteners.

size ate finally has a presence on facebook. myspace is so yesterday, or so all of the under 30s tell me.

"it just screams 'rapist' to me," one Barnard College co-ed said to me when i was a guest panelist during their Love Your Body Week.

hm. okay.

so join the size ate group on facebook, if ya would!

and i'm off to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to perform size ate this weekend sponsored by the women of the on-campus organization Body Image Network. i hope to blog from the road - all 850 miles of it - but i'm not sure what sort of internet connection (or energy) i'll have. if you're in the area - swing by for a visit! the details are here.

i will drive safely and wear my seatbelt.

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Juliet said...

Perhaps it is because I am over 30, but I despise Facebook. :P I'm all about MySpace. It's more fun and less work. If I'm spending time on something basically mindless, I want it to be easy.

But hey, if you're on Facebook, maybe it's a reason to give it another go... I've already added you on MySpace. :D