Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my dogs are not poodles. they are great danes. they need room.

i have outgrown this.

i just cleaned out all of the shoes in my closet that hurt my feet. i'm estimating around 10 pairs. there is something that feels so wonderfully self-loving and grown-up about the process of tossing out all of the bitchy shoes that hurt my dogs. no mas! truthfully, i never really wore them much anyway. like a brazilian bikini wax, i love the idea of fancy stilts, but the reality of them is just too painful and expensive.

(if you haven't discovered the Sofft line of shoes, you should. sooo comfy and cute! like The Cute! i just bought a pair that look a lot like these. ohh, these are cute too. yellow patent leather! i mean, c'mon!!!)


Juliet said...

I have major shoe issues because I was a 12 WW. Try finding cute shoes in that size. Ugh. It's next to impossible and even if I find them they always cost me like $100 bucks a pair. Grr.

But yeah, it's liberating to throw away shoes that hurt and don't fit!!!

TC said...

i've been outed! I'm honoured to squeeze you... honoured with a u, no less.

Magda said...

Who is The Cute? This suspense kills me.