Monday, March 17, 2008


my cousin Lauren's little girl turned four recently. she got a new bike that she describes as "cotton candy blue."


and i know exactly what color she's talking about, don't you? oh, the unintentional brilliance of a 4-year old.

this little girl makes my heart melt like a Hershey's chocolate square snuggled up to a freshly roasted marshmallow. if i ever have a little girl, i hope she's half as sweet and spunky and kind-natured as this little one, but i'm fairly certain mine will come out rolling her eyes, droning motherrrrrrrr and wearing combat boots.

it's called karma. kicks your ass every time.


slush said...

I read your blog all the time, Im a lazy commenter. But, the picture of the little girl... OMG. I have 3 beautiful little boys, but pictures like this will always get to me. What is it about women that makes us long for a girl?? She is gorgeous.

But I hear ya on the karma. Mine would come out with blue hair, the combat boots and piercings. LOL

margrocks said...

slush! i recognize you. you're not such a lazy commenter! i know... sweet little girl pictures; makes my ovaries produce pink glitter.

Anonymous said...

"Cotton Candy Blue" is just beautiful - what a talented little girl! I will dream of that color...