Monday, March 24, 2008

a flying torso

and the most amazing thing is i'm not even drunk.


Palmtreechick said...

Ha!! So classic. Love it!

Amy said...

Hi, Margaux --

I just wanted to say hi. I found your Youtube clip while looking up someone else's solo show about body image, and followed the links! I'm a touring actor/writer/solo performer with a repertoire of three solo shows (soon to be four), two of them focused on body image/self-esteem/weight/size acceptance, which have been the key issues of my life, as someone whose whole existence has been shaped by the culturally-unacceptable size of her body. :-) My most recent show is called "Circumference", and I'll be touring it quite a bit this summer -- I wonder if I'll run into you anywhere? Are you doing Fringe Festivals, or conferences, or anything like that? I'm always glad to see more women getting this issue out there...I keep hoping that if enough voices speak up...if enough voices say "we are not just our bodies, we cannot fit into one box of 'beauty'..." know. Anyway, all the best to you!
Amy Salloway