Sunday, May 15, 2005


i dunno...looks pretty demented to me.
hey! not much time to write tonite, but thought i'd share this little nugget of info i just clipped from my new
vegetarian times magazine.

with her daily 4 o'clock martinis, gramma urs does know best:

according to a Harvard Medical School study of 12,000 women aged 70-81, those who indulge in a daily glass of spirits (wine, beer, mixed drink), are more likely to remain mentally alert in old age than those party-poopers that don't. the study indicates that women who imbibe daily have a 20% lower risk of dementia. pourquoi, you ask? well...experts think moderate alcohol consumption is good for the noggin for the same reasons it's good for the ticker - - - it appears to improve blood flow.

so, sally forth and sip, guilt-free. you owe it to civilization. we are, i'm afraid, already demented enough.

(disclaimer: hey, i'm not endorsing guzzling up a storm - alcohol is NOT for everyone, if it's an issue for you - and you know who you are - be it addiction, health, or otherwise. stay away.)

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