Monday, May 16, 2005

molasses yoga

and, sadly, no raucous weekend stories to show for it.

just one of those inexplicable moving-through-molasses days. like i'm wearing dumbbells for earrings. and to top it all off - like some moldy maraschino cherry - i have an upset stomach.


try doing yoga in a tub of molasses while wearing dumbbells for earrings and digesting a moldy maraschino cherry. very challenging.

still glad i went though. i take yoga every monday and wednesday at work - it's subsidized, so i pay an eensy amount in comparison to the studio rates in manhattan. with yoga it's always one of those things - i don't really want to go, but b/c i'm so insanely cheap and can't stand the idea of paying $6 for a class that i don't attend - i go. religiously. i always feel better even if throughout the entire class i feel like i'm churning gingerbread cookie batter.

goodness. it's hard to do things that you know will make you feel better, yet so easy to do things that you know will make you feel bad, isn't it?


these feelings i'm having today are not so very inexplicable, it's very explicable. i'm unveiling my show this weekend and all of the stress surrounding it is residing in my belly. and it is crowded down yonder - like a european futbol game. all 14,000 things that i need to take care of before saturday are duking it out down there. so, i guess it makes sense that theres no room for anything other than a blueberry dry-as-a-bone-scone and some multi-grain pretzels.

and then, all those carbos make me sleeeeeeepy.

it's a miracle that i made it through work. i wonder if they noticed the drool.

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