Wednesday, May 04, 2005

YOU are the beautiful people


sometimes, i wonder...

do they know how beautiful they are?

not the models, or the airbrushed actors but the everyday beautifuls.

the yous, the mes, the wes.

the struggling actress on the N subway line with the almond-shaped eyes, pink converse sneakers, and a diamond nose ring.

the jovial, robust guys that pick up my garbage every thursday. they shout "good morning" with such gusto and glee, they make me reconsider sanitation as a career.

the dapper young gent whose robin's egg blue, custom-tailored shirts match his eyes. so stunning, it almost makes going to work something to look forward to.

the little girl who snoozes on her mother's shoulder, her weensy digits clutching a lock of her mother's hair.

the chinese deli owner with kind eyes who slips free bananas and chocolates into my backpack when i buy cartons of milk for my morning coffee.

the teenage girl at the library who slouches in her chair reading a book of anne sexton poems with such passionate intention that i long for the indulgent miseries of youth.

does she? do they? do you?

real beauty. not the airbrushed crap we see in magazines or on billboards, but the real mccoy.

nothing funny or clever today. just a wish that you might catch your reflection in a window today and like - scratch that - love what you see.


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