Saturday, May 14, 2005

loving your instrument

and one time, at band camp...

6:38 AM. up with the garbage trucks on a saturday morning. ugh. what is my problem?

too much mint chocolate chip ice cream screws with a girl's digestive system and wakes her with what i imagine menopausal hot flashes must be like.

why do i continue to eat ice cream when i know how it will make me feel?

because it tastes so good, dammit.

i am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet b/c i have a feeling it feeds a little bit of the Crazy i was talking about yesterday, but it is a slooooow process. i'm guessing this means i am not totally committed to doing it just yet. kinda like a long engagement. i like the ring sparkling on my finger and the idea of a big ol' white wedding, but the marriage

so...i troll

in keeping with my theme, i type in "how to love your body." it turns up some books of obvious titles:

You Have to Say I'm Pretty, You're My Mother: How to Help Your Daughter Learn to Love Her Body and Herself [BARGAIN PRICE]
by Phyllis Cohen, Stephanie Pierson

Love Your Body: A Positive Affirmation Guide for Loving and Appreciating Your Body
by Louise Hay

101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body by Brenda Lane Richardson, Elane Rehr - THIS ONE'S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD. I DON'T HAVE A DAUGHTER, BUT I RECOMMEND IT FOR MOTHERING YO'SELF.

The Ultimate Power: How to Unlock Your Mind-Body-Soul Potential (The Love Living & Live Loving) by Ken Vegotsky

and then #4 on list confuses then amuses me...

How to Love Your Flute: A Guide to Flutes and Flute Playing, or How to Play, Choose, and Care for a Flute, Plus Flute History, Folk Flutes, and More by Mark Shepard, et al


oh, just let your mind slip into the gutter for a minute. you won't get too dirty. just put on your galoshes.

and, as a special bargain, you can purchase it as a pair with
Amsco Flute Fingering Chart (Amsco Fingering Charts)

double ha.

then it suggests running a search under these words in case you didn't find what you were looking for:

head joint cork, your lip opening, embouchure adjustments, blowing edge, regulating screws , internal tuning, cork grease, your bottom lip , your flute, classical flute, alternative fingerings, blown flute, conical bore, flute makers, mouth hole, lip plate

i played the flute in the 6th + 7th grade bands. suddenly, i wish i'd kept up with it.

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