Friday, June 24, 2005

for all those pears out there...

who have bemoaned their curvalicious hips for years...

"Curvy women are more likely to live longer than their slimmer counterparts, researchers have found.

Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen researchers found those with wider hips also appeared to be protected against heart conditions. "

how 'bout them apples? er...i mean pears.

once again, it's apple-shaped-hipless-wonders like myself, that lose out on this glorious, body-amorous news:

"Carrying excess fat around the stomach, being 'apple shaped', is already known to be potentially damaging to health.

Fat cells in this part of the body pump out chemicals that can damage the insulin system, raising the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Belinda Linden, of the British Heart Foundation said: 'It has been widely reported that if you are apple-shaped, your risk of developing cardiovascular disease is likely to be greater than if you are pear-shaped.'"


so ladies, those of you that have your hips and give 'em a little pat in gratitude.

i'm gonna go look for my waist.

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