Thursday, June 02, 2005

give 3 and call me in the morning.

did someone tell her how perfect she is?
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i'm (practically) too tired to post today, but...

to a woman who has battled a negative body image for years, this article is, to quote my boss, "a big duh in a big pretty package," but i do realize not everyone has the same body-image albatross hanging around their necks as i do. in recognition of that, i'm posting this article:

i remember reading one of the dictums in Life's Little Instruction Booklet by H. Jackson Brown (didn't we all get a copy of that mini-book in our stocking that Christmas?)

Give three compliments a day.

funny that that's the only one that stuck with me.

i don't think people realize how a compliment:

gosh, you've got the longest, most beautiful lashes i've ever seen, and your heart is bigger than my head!

can really make someone's day and, on the flip side, how an offhand remark can whittle them away:

well, she's not obese, but she's fat like you and me. (i actually know someone this was said to, and no, it wasn't me.) the article, think about it, pass it on, pass out a compliment. it don't cost a thing, and take it from me...what you give?

it's priceless.

p.s. giving compliments makes you feel good too. it's contagious.


Anonymous said...

I like the font.

Anonymous said...

Your right. I do feel better.

margrocks said...

ha. thanks.