Thursday, June 23, 2005

i need extra storage, but this is not what i had in mind

i have a feeling she's beyond retinol.

can a 30-year old woman have jowls?

i swear. when i look in the mirror.


believed to be a direct result of wedding weekend pina colada overconsumption, aforementioned jowls must be rum-filled. will be a big hit at parties. like a pinata, but filled with rum instead of candy.



in the W.T.F? department...

a google search for keyword:jowls revealed 110,000 results most of them, not surprisingly, for cosmetic surgery, although i did see, for you canine lovers, Beagle Dog Art & Beagle Dog Figurines. my absolute favorite, however, was this one. please. look. now.

god, i love the internet.

1 comment:

karma said...

And a Google search for pina colada jowls yields only 67 results. W.T.F. are all of those sites about?