Sunday, June 12, 2005

grandpa was a fat ass

so, i i look thinner?

wanna, i mean...look thinner to the men in your life? according to this article from Prevention magazine, it might be as easy as wearing the right perfume. they conducted a study of 200 men and boys who had to guess the weight of a 5'9", 245 pound woman. when she wore spicy-floral scents, they estimated her weight to be 5% less - that's about 12 pounds. not too shabby. if i can't actually weigh 12 pounds less, i don't mind being perceived so.

the best way to recreate the perfect skinnifying scent? a combination of old spice cologne and floral shampoo. so basically, the answer lay in gramma + grampa's bathroom cabinet. it's a shame gram lives in cleveland.

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