Monday, May 29, 2006

the best princesses have messy hair (and tater tots for lunch)

contrast is cruel. sitting in an office under a labyrinth of air vents and fluorescent lights after a weekend spent idling under a canopy of trees in Central Park, sunlight piercing through the emerald folds of Summer's new party dress is just plain torture with a capital Mean.


let's focus on the positive!

one of the best things about this weekend was a call i rec'd from my old friend r.s.c. she was calling to check in to see if i'd heard anything about another high school pal who'd just given birth to her first baby on saturday at 3 a.m. - samuel joseph.

yes, mom and baby and daddy are splendid. sigh.

we gabbed as old friends are wont to do; as if i'd seen her a couple of days ago and not the 6 months it actually has been. we discussed some pretty deep stuff within the half hour we were on the phone. snap! we just go there. our fathers (that coulda gone on for days, Verizon doesn't own enough minutes). not having enough time in the day to really just enjoy Life. motherhood. i expressed my utter awe at the fact that she was a mom to two goh-geous, loving kids (who were giggling with glee in the background as we spoke). i still just don't "get" how people do it. she quelled my fears of imperfection somewhat when she said:

oh, if my walls could talk.

she then told me that she still thinks about my show (which she came to NYC to see back in november) and that she can no longer do her 4-year old little girl's hair anymore:

or at least not the way i used to. i used to be ruthless - pulling and tugging and getting her hair to look 'perfect.' now, i just sort of do what i can and say, 'you're just beautiful the way that you are, and it doesn't really matter how it looks!' i also let her make more decisions about what she wears. i even let her wear her princess outfits to the mall.

goodness that made my day.

i'm left it acceptable for a 31-year old to wear her princess outfit to the mall? i mean, really. how else do i expect the Prince to recognize me?

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