Saturday, May 13, 2006

making a joyful movement from 11 to 3

just a quick post b/c i's exhausted...but in a good way. you know that post-beach tired. you're freshly washed, a little sunburnt, you still find little pearls of sand underneath your nails, but so happy that you have spent yourself in such a way? that's me. i am spent and it




i went to the Self Magazine Workout in the Park today from 11 to 3 p.m. my pal C organized the day for us. i wasn't sure what to expect. lots of free samples of shit i would never use but would keep for eons in anticipation of that house full of guests that would never come? yes. an estrofest on steroids - a bevy of workout-obsessed women scrambling for the first row? yes. an either miserably hot day or a miserably rainy day? yes.

oh, me of little faith.

it was a blast. a BLAST i tell you. the weather was perfetta, there were loads of awesome dance/exercise classes throughout the day including the ones i took part in -

Hip Hop Bhangra - my absolute favorite!

Capoeira - i got to do cartwheels!

Ballroom Blitz - the jitterbug, the merengue, the fox trot - on amphetamines.

Crumping and Clowning - did you see the movie, Rize? never have i felt so very white, but ohhh fun! (note to self: must shake ass more often. quite invigorating.)

and, to close out the day...

Cardio Striptease - puurrrrrrr.

there were also yoga + pilates classes, massage booths and yes, loads and loads of free samples that i did my best to refuse, but free stuff is FREE STUFF. they were also giving free makeovers over at the Clarins counter, but who wants makeup caked on when ya tryin' to crump, yo?

i was just there to mooooooooove, and moooooooove i did.

my one peeve - there was no plain water available. a few of the sponsors were Propel Fitness Water, Crystal Light and Fresca, all of which are sweetened with some sort of artificial sweetener. the chipper emcee with a perfectly coiffed flippy bob kept telling us to "hydrate, ladies, please. please don't forget to load up on the Propel Fitness Water, Crystal Light and Fresca that our sponsors have so kindly donated to us." 'tis a we are spending a day dedicated to fitness while simultaneously sucking down carcinogenic bubbly by the gallon.


yes, yes, yes. i know what you're thinking - it was really a marketing nightmare meant to drum up magazine subscriptions for self and gym memberships for Crunch, but hey! they got what they wanted, and i got what i wanted. in my search for "joyful movement," i think i found at least 3 or 4 that i'd like to do again. all of the classes kicked my ass and really got my heart going, but i didn't realize it b/c i was having so much damn fun. that's what i want exercise to be for me; an activity that makes me happy to be in this body - as is. there were women (and a few very brave men) of all shapes and sizes and ages there today shakin' what their mama gave 'em. and that's so fittin', it being mother's day tomorrow 'n' all.

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