Friday, May 12, 2006 sweet the smell

i stopped by sephora today on my lunch break. retail therapy doesn't work. i know this, but it seems to work for a 1/2 hour or so, and sometimes, seems to is enough. (why do you think people stay in unsatisfying relationships for as long as they do? b/c he seems to be the right guy/girl.) today, i needed some new body wash. i sniffed through all the fruity, springy ones - melon daquiri, lemonade, strawberry milkshake. nah. not this year. i needed something a little more refined. a little less Bubble Yum. i saw it on display across the room. a pale, pale pink bottle. i ambled over. i popped the cap. i sniffed. a soft, soap and water scent that reminded me of childhood summer baths and white cotton nightgowns. in a simple times roman font on the front of the bottle it said:


if ever i needed that, i certainly need it now. i am, at this point in my life, lumbering. knocking things over, crying at bars, spilling any liquid in my messily.

so, i bought a little grace.

available, ladies and gentlemen, for $22 at the times square sephora.

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