Thursday, May 04, 2006

bragging rights

yeah...this has nothing to do with food, but whatever. gotta post about my amazing artist of an aunt - joanne horsfall beasley. she has an exhibit coming up on may 13-14 in redwood city, california.

i always wanted to be an artist like her. i used to send her my pictures in hopes that she'd call my mother in a dither screaming "PRODIGY! PRODIGY! THIS CHILD IS A PRODIGY! SHE'S GONNA MAKE YOU MILLIONS!"

needless to say, never happened. i am a perfectly capable artist, but i am not gifted as such. i, ever hopeful, did try to sell my "artwork" on the street corner once when i was about 6. once again, i was certain that my genius would be discovered my some curator passing through the little village of milan, michigan. i sold one picture to my babysitter's boyfriend, david. he drove up in his turquoise Pontiac Firebird, permed curls bobbing in the wind and bought one of my paintings for a whole dollar. sigh. the kids selling lemonade down the street fared far better.

ah well...i am my own kind of artist, i suppose.

(it's very possible that i've posted about her already, and i find my memory is slipping...that's okay...i get to experience the good stuff for the first time 2 or 3 times!)

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